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And if you think Randy Moss is screwed up . . .

. . . you should check out his agent.

An agent for Randy Moss was charged with possession of crack cocaine after police were called to a hotel to investigate a disturbance, authorities said Wednesday.

Dante DiTrapano and his wife, Teri, of Charleston, W.Va., were arrested Tuesday at a hotel in St. Petersburg, police said.

The hotel’s management called police to report a disturbance in couple’s room. When officers entered the room they found the drugs, police said.

“I’m sticking by my friend and I’ll support him and his family as he gets help battling his problem,” Moss said.

This is the type of statement you expect an agent to say about a player, not vice versa. Especially if that player is the self-admitted weed smoker Randy Moss.

However, this still doesn’t explain how someone who is seemingly clean as TO is can be such a problem.

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