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Cowboys Leadership Losses Mounting

Jean-Jacques Taylor observes that the Cowboys have parted ways with a lot of its veteran leaders and wonders what implications that will have for the team.

La’Roi Glover is gone. So is Dan Campbell. And Keyshawn Johnson. And in a couple of weeks, Larry Allen’s name will probably be added to the list. That’s a lot of veteran leadership lost in the last few weeks. No one knows if it can be adequately replaced.

Now, you can argue that the veteran leadership didn’t seem to help much last year when Dallas faltered down the stretch and finished 9-7, missing the playoffs after a 7-3 start. The reality, though, is that each of those players played a key role in helping the Cowboys improve after a disastrous 2004 season.

More important, you didn’t have to worry about their agendas. They cared only about winning. You can’t always say that in today’s NFL. They practiced hard. They made their teammates practice hard. They studied hard and they made their teammates study hard. They were the glue that held that team together when it had potentially devastating losses to Washington and Oakland and Seattle early in the season.

I must admit, many of these moves have me scratching my head. I understand that, in the salary cap era, teams have to cut their ties with aging players who are making too much money. And that’s especially the case with players like Campbell, who aren’t even starters. But it definitely seems like an odd move for a team that was a competent kicker away from the playoffs last year.

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