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Goose: Larry Allen Should Retire

Rick Gosselin thinks Larry Allen should retire a Cowboy rather than trying to hang on another couple years as a shadow of his former self.

. . . Allen [has] regressed from his Pro Bowl form into just another guard. Sure, Allen went to his 10th Pro Bowl last month. But that honor was a reflection of what Allen once was as a blocker. NFL players have historically voted their peers to Hawaii based on reputation – and Allen was playing on a reputation he crafted in the 1990s as an NFL all-decade selection.

At 34, Allen can probably milk another year or two out of his career like Emmitt Smith did. But what’s the purpose? Allen ought to talk to Smith before he signs anything. Smith privately regrets spending the final two years of his Hall of Fame-caliber career with the lowly Arizona Cardinals.


If he walks away now, the clock starts ticking on his Hall of Fame eligibility. After the Triplets, Allen is probably the most deserving player of a bust in Canton from the Dallas dynasty of the 1990s.

Troy Aikman retired a Cowboy. Michael Irvin retired a Cowboy. Allen should walk away from the game now as a Cowboy – with his reputation intact of having been one of the finest offensive linemen to play the game.

As a fan, that would be my preference as well. My second choice would be to have him stay on another year or two with the Cowboys at a much lower salary with incentives.

But playing football is how Allen makes a living. It’s hard to begrudge him taking a few million dollars from an owner who thinks the NFL is fantasy ball where signing big names is the way to win.

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Look! you guys need to get off of Larry Allens’ back. If he still loves the game and loves dominating tackles in the league (which he still does on a regular basis) I don’t see why he shouldn’t continue to play. Larry is still “THE” top gaurd in the league, remember John Lynch when he left the Bucs. The media said he was too slow to play and he should retire and all that…..and just look at him. Still arguably the hardest hitting safety in the league and an effective playmaker. Larry Allen may not be as fast or agile as he once was but, pound for pound there isn’t a stronger man in the NFL. The next time you see 2005 Cowboy highlights and you see Drew Bledsoe dropping back in the pocket, just take a second to see what Larry Allen is doing to his man before he fades out of the picture (because of course the camera won’t be focused on a lineman) and i’m sure you’ll see a dominating force throwing his fists into a DT struggling to hold his ground….and funny enough this dominating force wears number 73.

Posted by Steve | March 28, 2006 | 11:47 am | Permalink

Steve: Allen is still a solid player but it has been years since he was “THE” top guard–even “A” top guard. And he certainly wasn’t worth $7 million a year.

Plus, the man was the king of the offsides penalty.

Posted by James Joyner | March 28, 2006 | 12:13 pm | Permalink

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