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Redskins Sign Safety Archuleta

John Clayton reports,

Safety Adam Archuleta kept getting calls from his former Rams defensive coordinator, Lovie Smith, who was trying to recruit him to come to the Chicago Bears and help out his defense. But the Redskins flashed $10 million in guarantees and a contract worth close to $5 million a year, and those thoughts ended. Archuleta became the Redskins’ fourth addition from over the weekend, joining receivers Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El and tight end Christian Fauria.

Archuleta flew to Washington on Saturday on Daniel Snyder’s private plane and stayed for the weekend until the Redskins finished the deal.

One thing that’s become very apparent is that the new labor deal let a lot of poorly managed teams, notably the Redskins, off the hook. They went from being cap strapped for their stupid signings into a team suddenly able to go sign all sorts of people again.

There’s two ways to look at this. One, the owners voted to reward the foolish owners. Or, two, Synder and other profligate spenders were incredibly canny and took a shrewd gamble that this “get out of jail free card” was coming.

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