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Stealing Strange Steelers Stuff

Now I love the Steelers as much as the next guy [ed. MORE than the next guy, don't kid yourself.], but come on, this is ridiculous.

A Steelers GOLF CART? Who would want such a thing? Even stranger, who would want a Steelers tombstone? Even more bizarre, who would want to STEAL one? Either a Browns fan who hates the Steelers so much he hates seeing the headstone, or a Steelers fan who saw it and said, “I HAVE to have that Steelers headstone!” I don’t think either one is better, frankly.

See, this is what happens when there’s no interesting Steelers news . . . Pittsburghers don’t know what to do, so they just start swiping strange stuff, and the papers, who also don’t know what to do, report on the strange pilferings.

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