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Steelers Add Seats to Heinz Field

There will be 700 more Terrible Towels waving at Heinz Field this year.

If any of those are opened for season tickets, they will be snapped up almost instantly. Any additional seats allocated for general use will also be bought. Up in Pittsburgh, these tickets are the hottest thing in town. Art Rooney II seems to agree:

Steelers President Art Rooney II isn’t expecting any trouble selling the seats, saying that the team found strong demand for them in an informal survey it did with potential customers.

“I think they’ll go fast,” he said.

That’s the understatement of the week. While, as the article says, the Collective Bargaining Agreement puts pressure on mid-market teams like the Steelers to expand, these seats were planned because Heinz Field was simply selling out every week; they could make more money building more seats. My guess is that they could add up to 100,000 seats and still sell out that stadium every week.

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