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Steelers Re-sign Townsend

Steelers re-sign Deshea Townsend.

This was one of the players I would have been most concerned about letting get away. Townsend has performed very well over the past few years, and filling the hole he would leave at cornerback would have been difficult. Now we have two good cornerbacks and a backup who also seems to be ready should he be called upon.

With the signing of Townsend, believe it or not, the Steelers now have all their starters signed for the next two seasons except for restricted free agent Ike Taylor. Not a bad place for the defending Super Bowl champions to be, and a place that most teams wish they could be in at this time. Having only lost three starters from the Super Bowl team, and having gained players who should be good replacements for them, the Steelers could be very dangerous next year.

The only suspense left for Steeler fans this offseason will be the draft.

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