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Duke Lacrosse Gear Sales Skyrocketing

Not surprisingly, perhaps, the sales of Duke Lacrossee merchandise are at all time highs.

In the wake of publicity generated by the sexual assault scandal surrounding the Duke men’s lacrosse team, sales of merchandise bearing the “Duke lacrosse” name and logo have skyrocketed. “Historically, lacrosse has been one of our three or four best-selling sports,” said Tom Craig, general manager of retail stores at the Durham, N.C., school. “But over the last month, sales have increased to three or four times our normal rate.”

Despite the cancellation of the team’s season April 5 — or perhaps because of it — the campus stores have experienced a run on merchandise related to Duke lacrosse, and therefore have continued to carry it. Developments in the case include the Tuesday arrest of two of the players.

“We just had to keep up with the demand,” Craig said. “There are a couple outstanding orders that we are waiting on; but as of now, we are in great shape in terms of inventory online and at the stores.” Among the available items are hats, T-shirts and replica jerseys, which arrived only recently but were ordered in January, according to Craig.

Craig said the items are generic in that they aren’t identified as men’s or women’s lacrosse, so there was never a discussion with university officials about the possibility of stopping sales after news of the scandal broke. Duke’s women’s lacrosse team is ranked No. 1 in the country. “I don’t think we’re taking advantage of the situation,” Craig said.

No, not at all.

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