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Kris Benson Cheated on Anna?

NY Post’s Jeane MacIntosh confirms earlier reports that Anna Benson has withdrawn her divorce petition. It seems however, that there was a little hanky panky going on:

Days after hurling divorce papers at her husband, smoking baseball wife Anna Benson has decided to give him an intentional pass. After a weekend in seclusion at her suburban Atlanta mansion, the ex-stripper rescinded her divorce petition against former Mets pitcher Kris Benson, her lawyer said yesterday. Just hours after The Post caught a glimpse of the brunette bombshell — looking haggard and weary as she sat with two friends on the steps of her $2 million gray stucco mansion — Anna decided to try and salvage the marriage despite the alleged infidelity of her hubby.

Anna had called it quits amid reports that Kris — traded in the off-season to the Baltimore Orioles — got well past first base with one of her gorgeous friends. Yesterday, she had lawyer Jeffrey Bogart withdraw the divorce petition she filed Thursday night in Georgia Superior Court in Atlanta.

“She expresses her love for her husband and her sincere desire to reconcile their marriage,” Bogart said.

“I think Anna did some soul-searching over the weekend and decided that she wanted to make every effort to repair her marriage. Hopefully, Kris feels the same way.”


Anna Benson Ass Photo (50%)

Let’s not get greedy, m’kay?

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