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Mark Cuban: Pittsburgh Penguins Owner?

Mark Cuban eyes ownership stake in Pittsburgh Penguins.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is interested in becoming a limited partner in a new ownership group trying to buy the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, according to a report.

“I have told several people who have contacted me that, although I wouldn’t be the lead or largest investor, I would kick in some money if it would help,” Cuban, a Pittsburgh native, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I’m not sure how I feel about this one . . . Cuban is a bit of a firebrand, but his Pittsburgh background may just be what keeps the Penguins in Pittsburgh when they hit the auction block. Also, I’m not sure I like having to like the owner of any Dallas team.

Now I really want to see him do something with the other losing team in Pittsburgh.

Cuban has also expressed interest in owning the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are not currently for sale.

The Pirates need SOMETHING lit underneath them – Cuban may be just the thing. You know that baseball is not going well when you see this series of headlines on the Tribune Review’s website:

Another game to forget
Cards rally to beat Pirates
Pirates lose sixth straight
Casey injury affects Bay
Cardinals 6, Pirates 3: How they scored
Eldred out four months

Eesh. At least the Steelers won that little game called the Super Bowl a few months back.

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