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NFL Draft 2006 – Round 1 #11 – Denver Broncos (from Rams) – QB Jay Cutler

St. Louis Rams on the clock. The pre-draft buzz is that they want Jay Cutler. I don’t get it, since they seem to have a solid QB situation. Granted, Mark Bolger was hurt last year. But he’s a young guy who should heal nicely. I could see taking a QB if Leinart or Young were still on the clock. But a guy from Vandy? No way.

But the Denver Broncos can. They made a trade and moved up to get him. No word yet on what they gave up to move up from #15.

Ron Jawarski says Cutler got lucky going to the Broncos. Certainly, he’s in a better spot than Vince Young teamwise and one would think the Broncos are better than the Cardinals, who took Matt Leinart one spot earlier. In any case, it’s certainly better than anyone could have expected for a guy whose best option out of high school was Vanderbilt–a great school academically but easily the weakest football school in the terrific Southeastern Conference.

Boomer says the Broncos gave up the 68th overall pick, San Francisco’s 3rd rounder, to trade up. That’s a good move for both teams, methinks. The Rams don’t need a QB and the Broncos still have a 3rd of their own.

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