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NFL Draft 2006 – Round 1 #14 – Philadelphia Eagles – DT Brodrick Bunkley

The Eagles have a flock of needs this year, with the wheels having come off last season and their best playmaker (although worst teammate), Terrell Owens, gone to their division rival Dallas Cowboys. Two FSU teammates, DT Brodrick Bunkley (#10) and cornerback Antonio Cromartie (#14) are the best players left on Goose’s board. He projected the Eagles to take Cromartie in his mock draft.

Goose has done well so far. The Bills tooks Donte Whitner about ten spots early but only two of the top fourteen players are available at #14. That’s pretty impressive.

Which do the Eagles need more, a DT or a DB? Goose says, “The Eagles need to fortify the offensive and defensive lines. But with Terrell Owens signing with Dallas and Plaxico Burress playing in New York, the Eagles had better find a big physical corner who can match up with those offensive giants if Philadelphia is to once again contend for an NFC East title.” But can they pass up a top ten player?

If Bunkley were a defensive end rather than a tackle, it’d be a no brainer. I’m less sure given a safety-DT choice. My tendency would always be to take the lineman, though.

Pick: Bunkley

As a Cowboys fan, I’d have prefered they take the safety. You just don’t go wrong taking the best available player. The Eagles did. The good news from the Cowboys’ standpoint is that they pick at #18 (presuming they don’t trade) and could really use a safety.

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