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NFL Draft 2006 – Round 1 #8 – Buffalo Bills – S Donte Whitner

The Bills don’t have a quarterback, making Leinart the ridiculously obvious choice. Unfortunately, the Bills have not made a smart move so far this offseason and seem to think they’re good at QB. That rules out not only Leinart but Jay Cutler.

FSU defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley is the likely pick. It’s not a bad one, to be sure. Except that Leinart’s still on the board.

Pick: Wow. Ohio State safety Donte Whitner.

Gosselin rated him #17 overall [OTBS] and had him projected to go to the Dallas Cowboys at #18. So, Goose’s streak of picking the draft ends after seven in a row.

It may be that the Bills legitimately had Whitner much higher on their board than other teams. That’s a professional call that they’re in a better position than I am to make, without a doubt. But why not trade down a few spots and get Whitner for what others were willing to spend? Surely, they could have gotten, say, a 4th round pick from Arizona to move up a couple slots and have a guaranteed shot at Lienart. Indeed, that would still have been a lousy deal in terms of the famous Jimmy Johnson trade chart but it would have still given Buffalo Whitner and a 4th round pick–and Whitner for less money contractwise.

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