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Texans Sign Williams

North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams already signed with the Houston Texans before today’s NFL Draft. He will be the number one pick instead of USC running back phenom Reggie Bush. Now, does New Orleans trade down since they have a quarterback in Drew Brees and a running back in Deuce McAllister? If they swapped picks with the Oakland Raiders they could have a good shot at getting a good defensive player along with additional picks or players. Oakland could be sure they drafted Vince Young. All that stands between Reggie Bush becoming a Green Bay Packer is Tennessee and the New York Jets. Since both teams could use a running back I doubt he’ll fall to number five. Much depends on New Orleans.’s Len Pasquarelli is shredding the Texans:

Bad enough the loyal fans of Houston have had to suffer through the stigma of four straight losing campaigns, an average of just 4½ victories per year and a team that managed just half as many wins in its fourth season as it did in its expansion year of 2002. Now the fans are saddled with a team suffering from astigmatism.

There’s a reason that only one expansion team that has entered the league since 1976, the Bucs, won fewer games in its first four seasons than the Texans have earned, and we saw why on Friday night when Houston bypassed tailback Reggie Bush with the top pick in the draft and opted for defensive end Mario Williams instead.

Some teams try to exercise foresight with such threshold football decisions. Houston, on the other hand, apparently makes them blindfolded.

There’s now talk of the Packers taking Maryland tight end Vernon Davis. This isn’t from Wisconsin sources. The talk in Packerland is the team taking Ohio State linebacker A.J. Hawk. Although there have been sports talk radio callers suggesting sending disgruntled wide out Javon Walker along with the number five pick to the Saints for receiver Dante Stallworth and the number two pick. Many think Walker will be traded sometime during the draft.

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