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Coach Parcells Speaks!

Mickey Spagnola reports that Cowboys head coach Bill Parcells will address the media Friday afternoon at 4 CDT on Spags notes, however, that it’s not as if Parcells’ thoughts on the draft are a secret.

There are some, and it seems mostly media types, who got their panties in a wad because Bill Parcells didn’t make himself available for interviews draft weekend. They wanted to know what he thought of these draft choices – ha, a euphemism for wanting to ask what he thinks about Terrell Owens. But if they indeed wanted to know what Bill thought about some of these guys, all they had to do was listen to The Ticket’s draft coverage Saturday and Sunday or listen to the coverage carried on The Ticket’s and’s websites and they would have been enlightened.

What, you mean you didn’t catch the phone calls Jerry Jones and Parcells made to their draft choices right after selecting those guys? (They are still archived here on Well, if you didn’t, you missed out. Because in several of them, Parcells told the player exactly what he was expecting.

Of course, none of those calls was about Terrell Owens. . . .

Spags recounts several of the conversations with the draftees, which are intermittently amusing and enlightening.

Now with Bobby Carpenter, the first pick, Parcells wasn’t as specific, but made sure the Ohio State linebacker knew he hadn’t forgotten his father, Rob, the former Giants running back in Parcells’ day: “Tell your father he’s going to have to pay for those tickets down here, but when he gets here, we’ll get him in the game. Congratulations, buddy, I’m looking forward to working with you.” And you have to like Carpenter’s answer: “I’m looking forward to winning a Super Bowl, Coach.”

Some of the other calls are a little more lengthy, with a couple of the nervous kids referring to Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones as “coach.” Which, as longtime Cowboys observers might have guessed, he doesn’t mind. Not one bit.

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