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Duke Women’s Lacrosse to Wear INNOCENT Bands

The Duke women’s lacrosse team will wear sweatbands proclaiming their male counterparts “Innocent” during the Final Four.

The Duke women’s lacrosse team retains strong ties to the men’s team currently embroiled in rape allegations. The women plan to wear sweatbands that say “innocent” when they play Northwestern in the Final Four on Friday in Boston, The Durham Herald-Sun reported Wednesday.

“Obviously we want to win a national championship for ourselves, but definitely also for the university and the men’s team,” junior Leigh Jester told the paper. “They don’t really have a chance to play their season, which is a shame. “We’d love to bring it home not only for ourselves, but also for them.”

There’s a strong sense that the Duke players accused of rape are “innocent,” at least in the criminal law sense. Further, I think the school went way overboard in firing the coach and taking their season away before the case was adjudicated.

Still, that was the school’s policy. How can it allow the women’s team to make this statement in contravention to University policy? They, after all, represent the school.

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