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Jake Plummer cited for alleged road rage

From the Denver Post-

Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer has been issued a summons by the Englewood police in connection with a purported “road-rage-type incident” last month, investigator John Hoehler said Tuesday night.

Police were sent to East Hampden Avenue and Downing Street on April 20 after a report of a hit-and-run accident. The victim of the incident – identified by Fox 31 News as Doug Stone – told officers he had been involved in a road rage incident with the driver of a gray Honda van.

When the van stopped at a red light, the driver got out and kicked the front of Stone’s truck. The man then got back into the Honda, put it in reverse and hit the front of Stone’s vehicle causing minor damage, then left the scene, Hoehler said.

“When he backed into my truck, he broke my license-plate frame,” Stone told Fox 31.

Stone said he saw the gray Honda cut off three other drivers before he was cut off.

“He pulled in front of me,” Stone said. “I wasn’t very polite. I did honk my horn quite a bit.”

Stone also said, “He actually kicked the front of the truck and said, ‘Stay off my tail.’ He proceeded to get back into his van, he put it in reverse and backed right into the bumper and actually pushed there for 10 seconds and then took off.”

A witness – identified by Fox 31 as Marjorie Casse – got the license-plate number of the van and reported it to police, he said.

AP reported a little more.

A message left for Plummer through the Broncos was not immediately returned Tuesday night.


When contacted by police, Plummer said he was involved in a rear-end crash, not road rage.

“He went out and looked and didn’t see any damage so he didn’t report it,” Hoehler said.


Hoehler said there was a delay in issuing the summons because the officer in charge of the case was busy and didn’t get a chance to pursue the case until recently.

No specific court date for Plummer has been given.

It did seem odd that his accident happened a month ago and is only being reported and worked on now. At present it is a case of he said, he said. We’ll have to await further developments.

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