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Marcus Vick Signs with Dolphins as Slash

The Dolphins gave Kyle Turley a brief tryout as a tight end before letting him go. Now, they’re giving Marcus Vick a chance to make the team as a specialty player.

The Miami Dolphins saw enough potential in Marcus Vick – both on- and off-the-field – to believe he deserves a chance as a free agent. Vick, the brother of Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick, signed with the Dolphins on Monday, agreeing to a free-agent deal after his many problems at Virginia Tech cost him a chance to be selected in the NFL draft.


Vick, who participated in a three-day minicamp with the Dolphins earlier this month, completed 177 of 289 passes for 2,393 yards with 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, leading Virginia Tech to an 11-2 record and berth in the Atlantic Coast Conference title game in 2005. But his career with the Hokies included many transgressions. He made an obscene gesture to fans during a game at West Virginia, and stomped on Louisville player Elvis Dumervil’s leg during the Gator Bowl. Vick was suspended by Virginia Tech for the 2004 season because of legal problems, then was eventually dismissed from the team after being stopped for speeding and driving with a revoked or suspended license.

The Dolphins are listing Vick as a “wide receiver-quarterback-specialist,” clearly indicating that he could be tried in a number of roles. During the recent minicamp, Vick spent at least one practice session at wide receiver, and probably isn’t being looked at as a serious quarterback candidate – not with newcomers Daunte Culpepper and Joey Harrington now at that position.

Vick is a very talented athlete but his constant troubles kept him from developing his potential as a quarterback. He’d likely be better off going to Canada or the Arena League to get some more experience rather than trying to make it as an NFL utility player.

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I think that the junior Vick will benefit from being on the Dolphins squad. First, he will be under the guidance of one of the best coaches in the league (Nick Saban). Not only will coach Saban work with him (and he is not one to mess with), but Vick will have a good opportunity to work with 2 of the more talented QB’s in the game. Daunte Culpepper would be a great mentor for him (that is if he can keep HIS pants on while in the hottest areas of the country for hot and loose women. Read Lake Minnetonka party boat incident.) But Joey Harrington can attest to just how tough it is being a QB in the NFL. Harrington is a very talented signal caller who was surrounded by idiots with the hapless Lions. Sure, it would be easy to say “Send little Vick to the CFL or the Arena game.” But I think that if Vick is going to make it in the NFL as a QB, then he might just want to stay on the sidelines to watch and learn from the game’s better QB’s and coaches.

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