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Montgomery Maulers Fired, Rehired

The owner of the Montgomery Maulers fired the entire team last week when they demanded to actually be paid for work. A new owner has now purchased the team.

The Montgomery Maulers have been rehired. The minor league football team was sold to new owners Wednesday, a week after the entire roster was fired when some players threatened to boycott over money they were owed.

In fact, the buyers were the ones who provided their Tampa, Fla., team as a fill-in on three hours notice Saturday night for a game in Osceola, Fla. The substitute Maulers lost 72-12 in the National Indoor Football League game. “We tried to do our best, but we weren’t the Maulers,” said John Morris, who purchased the team along with partner and coach Mike Mink. “I’m very, very proud to say that we are the Maulers today.”

An attorney for four of the players had said last week that some Maulers were owed up to $1,000 in back pay by owner Jamie LaMunyon. She promptly fired the entire team. “The last week has been a real trying time for them,” said attorney Donald Jackson, who represented the players. “The players are quite excited about getting back on the field this weekend.” He said they would receive pay for their previous games on Wednesday night.

NIFL President Carolyn Shiver said the purchase was “not an unfriendly buyout” and the league didn’t order LaMunyon to sell. “We just said, ‘Miss LaMunyon, it would be in the best interest of Montgomery and the Maulers if you allow us to sell the team,’” Shiver said. “She agreed with that.”

Somehow, I can’t see this happening in the NFL.

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