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Pittsburgh Sports Fan in Non-Football Season

Its hard being a Pittsburgh sports fan when football is done – the only thing we had going for us was college hoops, and that was a while back. If you wondered why I haven’t posted in a while, that’s the main reason: nothing of note happening in Pittsburgh – an offseason of few surprises for the Steelers, and nothing happening at all on other fronts.

The Bucs are, as usual, stinking up the joint. Here’s a sampling of the headlines in the Pirates section of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s website:

Execution absent in Pirates hitters
First things first for Bucs
With Pirates, it’s hit or miss
Slumping Bay may slide in lineup
Bullpen lets down Pirates
Perez gets another shot to turn season around

Not the types of headlines you get from a successful team – at least, you don’t get THAT MANY negative headlines with a good team (unless you are the Yankees or the Mets).

This year we were told that the pitching would be good, we had Jason Bay who was decent, and this could be the year that we break .500. Yes, I know, lofty goals, but you have to start somewhere.

The last time the Pirates were good, the Braves beat them in 7, back in 1992. With apologies to James (I hate both the Braves and Cowboys, go figure), I’ll never forgive them for that, and for not having a LOSING season since. Its just not fair. At least the Steelers won the Super Bowl. And I will still root for the Bucs, through thick and thin. I’m just getting tired of the thin part of that equation.

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