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Report Clears Armstrong of Doping in 1999 Tour de France

Report clears Armstrong of doping in 1999 Tour de France SI.COM

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) -Lance Armstrong called it a “witch hunt” from the very beginning, saying a French newspaper used dubious evidence to accuse him of doping – even charging that lab officials mishandled his samples and broke the rules.

According to a Dutch investigator’s findings released Wednesday, he may have been right.


It said tests on urine samples were conducted improperly and fell so short of scientific standards that it was “completely irresponsible” to suggest they “constitute evidence of anything.”

Other than using Soap, deodorant, and toothpaste — Lance was found not to be using any banned substances in France (old joke).

The article goes on to mention possible legal and ethical violations by the organization that was falsely accusing Lance.


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