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Ricky Williams to play for Toronto Argonauts

From the Palm Beach Post-

Running back Ricky Williams received permission from the Dolphins on Sunday to play for the Toronto Argonauts during the 2006 season, the Dolphins announced.

Shortly before, the Argonauts scheduled a 4 p.m. news conference in Toronto to announce that they indeed signed Williams, who is expected to attend.

Details of the deal are not yet known, but Williams likely will earn upward of $350,000 for the one-year deal.

Following the CFL season, Williams will wait until the end of the NFL season to seek reinstatement after fulfilling a one-year suspension.

If he is reinstated, he will be bound to return to the Dolphins based on details of legal documents faxed to the Dolphins from the Argonauts on Saturday evening.

This has been rumored for over a month. I’m just surprised the Dolphins are allowing this. What if Williams gets seriously injured playing in the CFL? Put aside his drug use and other personality problems, Williams is possibly the best running back in the NFL. That’s based on his play prior to 2004.

Then maybe Miami isn’t planning on Ricky being a part of the team’s future. There is good reason to question his desire to play in the NFL.

Does the CFL have a drug policy? If they do, it doesn’t seem to be much of one. Why would they otherwise allow a NFL player suspended for drug use to play in their leauge. I know next to nothing about the CFL but allowing Williams to play is beyond me.

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I like the idea of him playing as well – make sure he doesn’t get rusty, having him stay in playing shape, etc.

Posted by Brandon Minich | May 31, 2006 | 10:17 am | Permalink

Iâ??m just surprised the Dolphins are allowing this

I’m not.

Miami’s likely thinking he has a better chance of returning to Miami, even with the chance of injury.. thinking that with the deal, he’ll be less likely to get into trouble again.

If getting the guy back is a goal, this seems a reasonable thought.

The question to my mind is, good player or not, why are they even dealing with the guy?

Posted by Bithead | June 1, 2006 | 10:01 am | Permalink

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