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Saints Set Season Ticket Sales Record

The New Orleans Saints have set a new franchise season ticket sales record–despite a population half what it was before Hurricane Katrina.

The New Orleans Saints have set a franchise record for season-ticket sales, four months before making their post-Hurricane Katrina return to the Superdome. The Saints, who spent last season in San Antonio after Katrina flooded the city and severely damaged the Superdome, have sold 54,969 season tickets, surpassing the previous record of 53,728 set in August 2003.

Owner Tom Benson said Wednesday that the Saints received “a spike” in ticket sales after drafting Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush last month, but they were already on a record pace. “I want to thank the devoted and loyal fans who have shown tremendous support for the New Orleans Saints,” Benson said. “This is a great day for the Saints and the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana. To sell a record number of tickets four months before our first game is unbelievable.”

The population of New Orleans remains less than half of what it was before the storm hit Aug. 29. “It’s truly inspirational to see these fans rally around the team and the city,” Benson said. “We knew the fans were there, but we didn’t know whether they would be able to be involved with buying tickets or not. “People talk about there only being 100,000 or so back, but a lot of them are just 30 miles or so up the road and they’re back buying tickets.”

The only bad news is that sales of all-important luxury suites are down.

Despite the increase in season ticket sales, executive vice president of administration Rita Benson LeBlanc said the team has sold 81 of the 137 suites in the Superdome, and Tom Benson said the sale of corporate sponsorships has been disappointing but improving. NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has made several visits to the region since the Saints returned in January. On Feb. 14, Tagliabue and Benson met with a group of 27 area business leaders who pledged to help sell tickets, suites and sponsorships. “The commissioner and I have been very disappointed with the reaction of the business community,” Benson said. “But their support is coming. A lot of businesses are having problems and it’s been very difficult for them to make commitments. We’re looking forward to them doing their part.”

Still, excellent news overall.

This is especially heartening considering that a few months ago there was serious talk of the Saints not returning to town.



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