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Terrell Owens’ Philly Mansion For Sale

If you’re looking for a nice place in the Philadelphia area, Terrell Owens has a deal for you:

Terrell Owens Philadelphia House For Sale Photo Ex-Eagles Terrell Owens may be a Dallas Cowboy now, but he still has one tie to the Philadelphia area: His Moorestown mansion, still on the market since midseason. Houses don’t sell like memorabilia, according to listing agent Erica Lacey of Blue Chip Realty. “When you get into the millions, especially where the interest rates are now, it is a longer process,” she says, noting that T.O.’s purchase price was the highest for any Burlington or Camden County home in a decade. He paid $3.9 million (about half a year’s pay for him) and is asking $4.199 million, lowered recently from $4.399 million. To Lacey, the best feature is the “phenomenal” cabana area, with hot tub, second kitchen and year-round outdoor grill. Others might gush over the kitchen, or the “absolutely beautiful” screening room, with fireplace and access to the outdoors. A house like this rates its own website,, which people can visit to view all the details and many more pictures like these.

When $3.9 is only half your annual salary, you can just move to Dallas and buy another house. Without even getting a bridge loan. Sweet.

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