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Vikings Fire Personnel Director Over Resume Lies

Fran Foley becomes the latest sports figure to lose his job over a padded resume.

The Minnesota Vikings fired Fran Foley on Wednesday, just days after he helped direct the team’s player draft.


Foley signed a three-year contract with Minnesota in January, coming over from the San Diego Chargers. But he admitted to several inaccuracies on the resume he provided the team, including his early work history and exaggerating his playing career at Framingham State College. Foley was part of a three-way executive structure that included coach Brad Childress and vice president of football operations Rob Brzezinski.

On a resume given to the Vikings, Foley said that he held coaching positions with the Citadel, Rutgers and Colgate when he was actually a graduate assistant at all three schools. He also said that he played four seasons at Framingham State, when he only played two.

The irony of these things is that these idiots all lie about things that couldn’t possibly matter anymore. While I don’t condone it, I understand why aspiring young coaches pad their resume. But who cares about one’s experience as a college kid after he has built a long, solid career at much higher levels of responsibility?

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