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Ban Olympic opening and closing ceremonies: Prince Philip

This news is a little dated but I only saw it today-

LONDON (AFP) – Olympic opening and closing ceremonies are “absolute bloody nuisances” and should be banned, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II said.

Prince Philip expressed his annoyance at the staple of the quadrennial sports jamboree in an interview with the Daily Telegraph during which he also chipped in with a view on an England footballer’s World Cup-threatening injury.

The Olympic Games came up as the 84-year-old — a world champion carriage driver — recalled having to attend as a president of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI).

“Opening and closing ceremonies ought to be banned. Absolute bloody nuisances. I have been to one that was absolutely, appallingly awful — aaaagh,” he was quoted as saying, without mentioning the host city.

The prince, who said he would like to do “as little as possible” when London hosts the 2012 Games, confessed he was horrified when told at one competition that showjumping was no longer to be held in the main arena as the last event.

One possible reply- If their such a bloody nuisance, then let someone else host the Olympics in 2012.

Maybe we should excuse the Prince for being irritable about what is six years away. He is getting on in years. He needn’t worry either about the Games too much, for he’ may very well be somewhere they will not disturb him.

Six feet under.

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