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Big Ben Injury Update

NOTE: Links involved with this story may be slow to load or not load at all, as Pittsburgh media sites are under quite a bit of strain today.

The Tribune Review is posting a summary of Roethlisberger’s injuries. These are words you don’t like seeing in conjunction with your starting quarterback’s name:

Roethlisberger lost most of his teeth, fractured his left sinus cavity bone, suffered a nine-inch laceration to the back of his head and a broken jaw, and severely injured both of his knees when he hit the ground, police said.

Knee injuries? Not good, espicially with a QB who has had knee problems in the past. Ironically, a helmet wouldn’t have saved him from those.

This line, I had to admit, cracked me up. It appears in its own paragraph:

A plastic surgeon has been summoned.

From where, I wonder? And how does one summon a plastic surgeon? Is there an ancient ritual involved?

He had a concussion after the accident, not knowing what city he was in. The woman he was talking to had told him the tunnel he was near, the tunnel that he drives through to get to the Steeler’s office facility, and he didn’t know where it was.

While I want to reserve judgement until some experts chime in, I’m beginning to think the Big Ben’s season is over before it even begins, and with that, the Steeler’s chances have greatly diminished. With Carson Palmer’s start still up in the air, and Roethlisberger questionable, and Steve McNair arriving in Baltimore, I foresee a very interesting season for the AFC North. Before Roethlisberger’s injury, I would have said that McNair is washed up, a shadow of his former self, and not likely to make the Ravens contenders. However, as the division currently stands, he may be the best healthy QB out there – and suddenly, a shadow of Steve McNair’s former self looks good enough to win in the AFC North. I also have to look at Cleveland again – they could make a run, given the favorable conditions in their division.

In another story, the Post-Gazette talks about how the onlookers reacted as they found out that the crash victim was none other than Roethlisberger.

As in most serious motor vehicle accidents, the curious gathered late this morning at Second Avenue and the 10th Street Bridge, surveying the aftermath of a motorcycle-car crash.

They saw the smashed front end of the motorcycle with pieces strewn about. They noted the 6-inch hole in the car’s windshield where the motorcyclist’s head impacted. They blanched at the blood pool where the motorcyclist’s head struck the pavement after flying over the car. A red hooded sweatshirt was nearby. They expressed sadness for the accident victim.

And then, the word spread throughout the crowd of 15 or so people that the injured motorcyclist wasn’t some anonymous person but was Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

“You’re kidding me? That was Roethlisberger?” one motorist who saw the aftermath of the accident said to a reporter.

One woman, who saw the accident and rushed to Roethlisberger’s aid, likewise was shocked when told it was Roethlisberger.

“That was him? Oh, my! He did say his name was ‘Ben,’ she said, recalling that the injured man didn’t know where he was but knew his name.

Interesting that the woman who went out to help him didn’t recognize him. Then again, with the injuries he suffered, he probably didn’t look much like the Big Ben everyone in Pittsburgh knew.

This story will surely continue to unfold as the days and weeks go on.

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