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How dumb is Sports Illustrated?

Today I received one piece of mail. A copy of Sports Illustrated Latino. It was addressed to my wife. SI assumed two things in their random mailing.

1- My wife likes sports
2- My wife speaks spanish

SI is wrong on both counts. Dear Wife’s interest in sports is limited to figure skating. That is all.

Dear Wife is Filipino not hispanic. Her name is Spanish sounding, but she doesn’t speak a word of the language.

I called SI they said it was a random mailing. My guess is they had a computer kick out spanish sounding names out a mailing list and then sent out copies. Racial profiling in the MSM. I stopped subscribing to SI about 15 years ago, I don’t have a clue as to what they think on that issue. If I didn’t have a bigger fish to fry SI would get tomorrow’s knucklehead award at my main blog.

Dear Wife doesn’t care and told me to write refused on the magazine and put it out in the mailbbox tomorrow. I’ll do as ordered by the boss. It is best to do as told for my wife’s name translates to the little female lion. Be careful SI, she’s normally a pussycat but when DW gets angry boy can she roar!

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