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JJ Redick Arrested for DUI

JJ Redick arrested at the worst possible time – right before entering the NBA Draft.

Redick, 21, was pulled over at 1:03 a.m. after police saw a 2005 Toyota SUV approach a police checkpoint at South LaSalle Street near Kangaroo Drive, then do an illegal U-turn, said Durham police spokeswoman Kammie Michael.

An officer followed the SUV, which pulled over in the parking lot of the Belmont Apartments on McQueen Drive, Michael said. There were several passengers in the SUV, Michael said.

Police arrested Redick and almost 90 minutes later, at 2:30 a.m., Redick registered a 0.11 blood alcohol level, according to the citation. The legal limit in North Carolina is 0.08.

The officer wrote that Redick had “very glassy eyes, strong odor of alcohol coming from breath.”

Wow . . . talk about dumb. At least Big Ben had proved himself at the pro level before doing something stupid. This is much less intelligent than what Roethlisberger did – for one thing, this was illegal. For another, he had the potential to kill a lot more people (Roethlisberger was at least alone for his part, and accidents happen – he would have crashed had he been wearing a helmet, he just would have escaped the nasty head injuries). This will make all the Redick haters go nuts.

I mean driving . . . with people in the car, and then making an illegal U-Turn to avoid the checkpoint! It doesn’t get much dumber than that. And this from someone who is obsensibly a “smart athelete”. My guess is that Redick goes lower than was projected for him.

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