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Pujols Maybe Out Six Weeks

In this year of Barry Bonds passing Babe Ruth on the all-time home runs list we could have been witness to Albert Pujols putting together one of the greatest offensive performances in baseball history. Too bad for us he hurt himself going after a foul ball:

Pujols, who leads the major leagues with 25 home runs and 65 RBIs after winning the NL MVP award last year, will be re-evaluated on Sunday but is expected to go on the DL.

“Obviously, we have significant concerns about the severity,” team physician Dr. George Paletta said. “This injury can put you out for weeks.”

Paletta said Pujols, who pulled up and grabbed his right side while chasing a foul pop by Ramirez in the second, could be out for as long as six weeks.

“If you told me right now he’d be out two weeks, that’s a lot better than the rest of the year,” manager Tony La Russa said. “I just don’t think after talking to Dr. Paletta that two weeks from now, Albert will be ready to go.”

No one’s accused Pujols of using steroids. Having him chase after Bonds’ single-season home run mark would have returned some gloss to that record.

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sad to report, but actually some HAVE questioned whether Albert is on the roids, after he lent vocal support to Bonds and was seen “palling around” with Barry at the SF ballpark when the Cards were in town a couple of weeks ago.

as a big Cardinals fan, i sure hope he isn’t on the juice, and have no real reason to believe so. if he likes Bonds, or is friends with the guy off the field, that doesn’t mean much to me.

i’m just hoping the guy comes back before we completely fall out of the playoff hunt. Albert and Eckstein (with Rolen chipping in now and then) is pretty much the entire offense in STL these days.

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