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Roethlisberger May Be Ready for Season Opener

After reports of Ben Roethlisberger flying off his motorcycle and landing on his face I feared a long recovery for the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback. That doesn’t look like that will be the case:

Doctors did not discuss Roethlisberger’s condition in detail, at the request of his family, but the quarterback’s only major injuries were to his face: a broken upper and lower jaw, a loss of two teeth, a broken nose, broken facial bones and various cuts and bruises.

Jaw injuries can vary greatly in nature and, because of the rather limited protection provided by a football helmet, have the potential to sideline a player for a lengthy period. But the surgeons who operated on Roethlisberger for seven hours Monday said all of his fractures were successfully repaired.

Roethlisberger suffered a concussion but nothing more serious. He could be ready for the Steelers’ opener Sep. 7.

His pockets must have been stuffed with four-leaf clovers and rabbits feet. He’s a lucky man.

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