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Dallas Cowboy Keith Davis Shot Again

Dallas Cowboys safety Keith Davis has been shot for the second time in three years. He is apparently fine.

Cowboys safety Keith Davis was released from the hospital Tuesday, just two days suffering two gunshot wounds early Sunday morning while driving alongside Interstate 635. Davis is not only healing fast, but is also expected to be ready for all contact once the team begins training camp on July 28 in Oxnard, Calif.

Davis was admitted to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas early Sunday morning after two shots grazed him in the thigh and the head. However, Davis was not seriously injured and even made light of the incident from his hospital bed. “My head has been leaking, but that’s OK,” Davis said on Sunday. “I’ve got a big head, and my braids still look good. As soon as I realized I got hit, I started applying pressure to the spot. I was a kinesiology major in college. I guess I learned something from all of those courses.”

Davis was driving around 5 a.m. with his girlfriend when he said a gunshot broke the glass of his back window. As Davis tried to speed away, he said that’s when several more shots were fired at his direction. While two shots connected, the Cowboys safety was able to get away from the shooter and got to another highway before he pulled over to his girlfriend drive him to the hospital. “I was just minding my own business driving home, and I didn’t quite make it,” he said. “I’m a victim.”

This marks the second time in three years that Davis has been shot. Nearly a month before the start of the 2003 training camp, Davis was also shot twice, once in the hip and the other in the elbow. But while doctors cleared Davis to fully participate in that camp, he never got the opportunity. Head coach Bill Parcells, who was about to conduct his first camp with the Cowboys, made an example of Davis by releasing him just one day before the first practice in San Antonio.

Thankfully, it appears Davis was indeed an innocent bystander this time. It was true the first time, too, but he had exercised rather poor judgment in his choice of hangouts. One can hardly blame him for being on an Interstate highway.

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