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National League hopes to end AL All-star game domination

From AP

PITTSBURGH – Albert Pujols can’t explain it. He knows there are plenty of talented players in the National League, so why do they keep getting kicked around by their AL counterparts?

The American League is 8-0-1 in the last nine All-Star games. AL teams also swept the past two World Series and won an overwhelming 61 percent of interleague games this season.

“It’s crazy. You look at those numbers and you can’t believe it,” the St. Louis slugger said Monday. “That’s why you play this game for so long and never figure out why things happen.

“Hopefully, we can turn this thing around.”

Pujols will get another chance Tuesday night when he starts at first base and bats third for the NL in the 77th All-Star game at picturesque PNC Park.

But it won’t be easy.

The AL boasts big sticks David Ortiz, Vladimir Guerrero and Jim Thome, plus ace pitchers Johan Santana, Roy Halladay and Mariano Rivera.

Indeed, there’s nothing junior about the Junior Circuit.

“It’s a far superior league right now,” Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said. “In the American League, this is an All-Star team among All-Star teams.”

Bold words from a big-name player.

Meaningliess words about a meaningless game.

Maybe I’m a minority, but I’ve never understood the fascination with this event. It’s arguably the most overdone event in sports.

I used to watch the all-star games when young. The last game I watched start to finish was the 84 game, and I doubt I’ve watched more than five minutes of any game since. It’s an exhibition game and even turned into a fiasco a few years back by having all the pitchers run out. Why not allow one who was used already to come back into the game? Oh that’s not baseball, but neither is the All-star game to me.

Even sillier is having the home field World Series advantage determined by who wins this event. What has one got to do with the other?

My lack of interest in all-star events apply to all sports. Even golf, I don’t watch the Grand Slam event played every November either.

You can watch and enjoy tonight’s game. I’ll find something else to do.

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