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NFL Commish Top 5

There are five finalists for the NFL’s top job: Roger Goodell, Cheif Operating Officer of the NFL and second in command, Gregg Levy, the NFL’s outside counsel, Frederick Nance, a lawyer from Cleveland, Robert L. Reynolds, vice president and Cheif Operating Officer of Fidelity Investments, and Mayo A. Shattuck III, CEO of Constellation Energy.

Goodell is the favorite, with Levy being a not so close second:

The closest is the 47-year-old Goodell, who remains a clear favorite — as he has been for the last five years or so, or since he was appointed chief operating officer, the No. 2 job to Tagliabue. Goodell, son of a former U.S. senator from New York, began his NFL career in 1982 as an intern in the league office, interned with the New York Jets for a year, and then returned to the league. He was appointed chief operating officer in 2001.

The other with an NFL background is Gregg Levy, who holds the same job Tagliabue held when he became commissioner — the league’s outside counsel. Because he is known by most of the owners, he is considered the most likely challenger.

Notably, none of the candidates have ever run a team, coached, or played in the league, although Reynolds has officiated at the college level. Nance was instrumental in bringing a team back to Cleveland and in getting their new stadium built.

Then, of course, there is this tidbit:

Shattuck’s contact with the NFL: His wife, Molly, who is 39, made the Baltimore Ravens’ cheerleading squad for the second straight year this season.

Now that is an interesting connection.

The new commissioner will likely be selected during the owner’s meetings taking place between August 7-9.

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