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Cowboys Safety Justin Beriault to Retire; Never Played

Dallas Cowboys safety Justin Beriault will retire from football after two seasons of being unable to stay healthy through training camp.

Parcells said 24-year-old safety Justin Beriault will retire because of ongoing problems with his right knee. The Cowboys’ sixth-round pick in 2005 spent all of last season on injured reserve following risky dual surgery to repair torn medial and lateral meniscus in his right knee. No known NFL player has returned from Beriault’s osteotomy surgery, including former Cowboys linebacker Kalen Thornton, who had the procedure performed the same day as Beriault’s last year. “Both of those kids had the same exact surgery and it’s a very serious surgery,” Parcells said. “It’s not just a repair. They did some structural things to both of them. “There’s really not much more that we can do for (Beriault) at this moment. There’s nothing else that we could do. In fact, I told him very strongly, ‘I don’t think you should ever play again.’”

That’s truly a shame. Not only did the Cowboys have high hopes for Beriault, who apparently looked like a starting candidate during his first preseason, but the young man obviously worked hard for a lot of years to get a shot at playing in the NFL. Being good enough but not healthy enough is sad, indeed.

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