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Kubiak: Domanick Davis Not Being Cut

Domanick Davis is not about to be released, at least according to his head coach.

Moving to debunk reports that tailback Domanick Davis could be released because of lingering knee problems that have kept him off the field for virtually all of training camp, Houston Texans first-year coach Gary Kubiak said there has been no discussion of cutting the leading rusher in franchise history, and said that the worst-case scenario was a season spent on the injured reserve list.

“The idea of cutting Domanick Davis has not even played a factor,” said Kubiak, who is clearly frustrated by Davis’ continuing absence, but not yet ready to give up on the three-year veteran. “I don’t know where that came from. The decision is strictly [whether] his knee is going to be healthy enough to play. If his knee is not healthy enough to play, if that is the decision that’s made about him, then he’s looking at [an injured reserve] season … The other choice has never been a factor.”

Now, granted, Kubiak would be obligated to say this, anyway, if the Texans were hoping to arrange a trade. But, given how unbelievably stupid cutting a star running back would be–especially after having just passed up Reggie Bush–I believe him.

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