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Steelers Sign New Contract With Parker

Willie Parker inks nice new deal (KDKA).

Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back Willie Parker has just inked a new contract with the team.

KDKA’s John Steigerwald reports that the four-year contract is worth $13 million with over $3 million of it guaranteed.

This is a decent deal, and it signals what has been suspected for a while: Parker is the new go to guy for the Steelers running game. I hope that the Steelers can adjust to featuring a “fast back” as opposed to a “power back”, which has been what they have done for many years. Parker did very well, but that was with a beefy and dependable third down back in Jerome Bettis. Should the Steelers be unable to establish Duce Staley, Dan Kreider, or any of their other backs as a legitimate third down back, I think they will struggle. That, coupled with the Hines Ward injury, makes me a bit uneasy about the Steelers offense to start the season. They need either the recievers or the running game to be firing on all cylinders, and at the moment, there are gaps in both. Next week is going to help us see how well the Steelers will defend their Super Bowl title.

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