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The Conclave Has Assembled

Len Pasquarelli reports that the College of Owners has assembled in Chicago for the secretive balloting process meant to pick the successor to Pope – I mean Commisioner Paul Taglibue. Roger Goodell is still the favorite, and we could have a new Commish by tomorrow.

I was just entertained by the balloting procedures implemented by the owners:

By a unanimous 32-0 vote, NFL owners on Monday adopted the following resolution, which establishes the procedure for electing a commissioner, with balloting possibly beginning as early as Tuesday afternoon:

Whereas, the ability of the league’s membership to reach a decision to select the next commissioner may be enhanced with specified procedures, be it resolved that:

1. The initial rounds of voting will be conducted by secret ballot;
2. If no candidate receives the necessary 22 votes on any of the first three ballots, those three ballots, at a minimum, will include all five candidates nominated by the search committee;
3. During the voting process, it may become evident that additional voting procedures should be implemented in order to reach a membership consensus; and
4. The commissioner, in consultation with the search committee, will weigh membership views and determine whether to follow procedures such as (for example) the following:
a) dropping the candidate(s) with the fewest votes from one or more subsequent ballots;
b) implementing an open roll-call vote;
c) having the full membership rank the candidates in order of preference; and
d) other similar procedural steps.

You mean this isn’t set in stone already, by some arcane, secretive procedure? Where’s the Catholic Church when you need it?

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