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Tony Kornheiser on Monday Night Football

WaPo humor columnist Gene Weingarten takes on his colleague Tony Kornheiser’s performance on Monday Night Football, hoping to get some attention. It’s pretty funny as a parody of a critique.

A sampling:

The failed Kornheiser stewardship of “Monday Night Football’s” color chair last night took yet another bumbling misstep toward its inevitable humiliating collapse. Even before the Post columnist and ESPN personality uttered his first words, it was clear he was in trouble, as he had still not succeeded in physically resembling a gentile. As an obvious “Jewish guy,” Kornheiser’s sports-cred deficit was exposed once again, compared with his co-hosts, the “black guy” and the “ex-jock.”


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Just was checking to see if you caught the ridiculous comments made by Mr.Kornheiser. HE referred to Katrina victims as refugees. Ever looked up that word. Thought it refered to foreigners seeking asylum.

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