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Chargers Close to Deal for Titans QB Volek

The Chargers are close to reaching a deal for Titans backup QB Billy Volek, John Clayton reports.

The San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans are in final discussions for a trade involving Titans quarterback Billy Volek. The talks, which had been on hold until the two teams played each other Sunday, are at a point where the trade could be completed Tuesday. If a deal is not reached, Volek could be headed to another team.

The Chargers have offered a sixth-round choice; the Titans are asking for a fifth-rounder in exchange for Volek. The two teams had been discussing a trade for a couple weeks until both agreed to wait until after Sunday’s matchup because the Titans didn’t want to move Volek to a team they were playing two weeks into the season. Conversations resumed Monday with hopes of reaching a quick resolution.

Complicating the negotiations is a no-trade clause in Volek’s contract. Though Volek asked to be traded after being demoted to third string, he controls where he would go and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has to be involved in any trade discussion due to the clause.

Were I Volek, I’d nix this deal. If the Chargers were willing to let Drew Brees, a Pro Bowl caliber quarterback, go to play Phillip Rivers, there’s zero chance that Vokek can get the starting job barring injury. He’s far better off biding his time and trying to land with a team–say, the Oakland Raiders–desperate for a better starter.

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