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Cops Demand Apology from T.O.

The Dallas Police Department is demanding an apology from Terrell Owens and his publicist for making them look bad after they violated his privacy by releasing a false report.

Much of the confusion stemmed from a police report that reached media outlets Wednesday morning, before sections about a possible suicide attempt, drug overdose and depression were blacked out. None of that was visible once it was officially released, prompting Owens’ publicist — who was the person that called 911 — to lash out at authorities. “I am just upset that I just feel they take advantage of Terrell,” she said. “Had this been someone else, this may not have happened.”

Authorities did not immediately respond, citing privacy laws, but on Thursday the president of the Dallas Police Association — which represents Dallas police officers — demanded an apology from T.O. and his publicist. “The officers reacted because they were called to this location to do this job. Now they’re being put under a microscope by some fancy little football person,” Senior Cpl. Glenn White said. “Give me a break. Those officers are 10 times better than this man. … We police officers don’t go out to these calls and make stuff up.”


Etheredge, said Wednesday that entries in the police report were inaccurate. She said she did not say he was depressed and “did not take anything out of his mouth,” as the report said. “I don’t know where that came from,” she said Wednesday at a news conference called so Owens could discuss what happened. “They said I said Terrell was depressed? I did not say that. Well, you know what? I am sitting here in front of you letting you know I did not say Terrell was depressed. Terrell did not say he is depressed.” Owens said at the Wednesday news conference he could not remember what he said to officers.

“Him and his publicist need to apologize to the officers that were out there, that did their job,” said White, head of the largest police employee group.

Frankly, it’s outrageous for a serving police officer to issue statements demeaning a private citizen who is not accused of any crime. While I’m

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