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Cowboys Cutting Quality Players

As a fan trying to keep up with offseason roster moves with only the benefit of some pre-season games using vanilla offenses and defenses, it’s hard to determine how good the rookies and guys low on the depth chart really are. Most Cowboys fans, for example, were aghast to see versatile offensive line project Rob Petitti and up-and-coming wide receiver Terrance Copper cut, for example.

DMN reporter points to some pretty good evidence, though, that the Cowboys simply had too much talent on the roster to keep everybody:

Of the Cowboys final 15 roster moves made over the weekend, all of them are still in football, except Keylon Kincade, who could be brought back to the practice squad for the 1,912th time in the last three years, Matt Tarullo and Willie Pile.

QB Matt Baker, OG D’Anthony Batiste, WR Damarius Bilbo, DE Stephen Bowen, WR Skyler Green and TE Tony Curtis are on the Cowboys’ practice squad. Rocky Boiman signed with Indianapolis, Rob Petitti and Terrance Copper were claimed by New Orleans, Junior Glymph is on Baltimore’s practice squad, Montavious Stanley is on St. Louis’ practice squad and Dennis Roland is on Tampa Bay’s practice squad.

Now, maybe, there are 15 veterans on the roster that should have been cut rather than these guys. I doubt it, though. While I would have preferred to have kept Petitti and Copper than a an over-the-hill Friend of Bill and an extra kicker, it might well be that the team is just loaded with prospects and Coach Parcells had to make some really tough calls.

It’s certainly nice to be in a position where other teams–including playoff contenders–are grabbing Cowboys castoffs rather than vice-versa, as has been the case in recent years.

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