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Cowboys Touchy After Loss

DMN reporter/blogger Matt Mosley:

When I politely asked kicker Shaun Suisham what happened on his 36-yard field goal attempt late in the third quarter, he clenched his teeth and said, “I missed it.”

After a few awkward moments, he added, “Every time you write something about me in the paper, you say something negative.”

I passed up the obvious sarcastic response in light of him missing another short field goal and moved on. Lots of thin skin after this type of loss.

Quite so, and one can’t blame Suisham. He’s only human. But he’s not an NFL caliber placekicker, either. He has never made one over 40 yards (at least at this level) and he’s missed several inside the 40. And the onside kick attempt was quite simply awful.

I’m sure he’s a good guy and I wish him the very best in life. But he shouldn’t be making NFL money, unless he goes to med school or otherwise finds a niche he’s good at. Not being good enough for the NFL is nothing to be ashamed of. There are only 32 jobs kicking field goals in the League, after all.

UPDATE: Also from Mosley:

When asked about this team being penalty prone, Parcells said, “This is a new season. Don’t give me that crap. Penalties weren’t a problem last year; we were about sixth in the league. Get your information right before you start making statements like that. Get your information right!”

But the team committed a ridiculous number of penalties today, including one that took a touchdown off the board and a couple that killed drives or gave the Jags offense another set of downs. The team played with no discipline. It was a fair question.

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