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Division I-AA Montana State Beats Colorado

In the 1990s, the Colorado Buffalos were a perennial national title challenger. Their collapse is now complete, having suffered an embarrasing loss to a warm-up team.

Dan Hawkins was hired to clean up a Colorado program soiled by scandal and embarrassing losses under former coach Gary Barnett. Being blown out by Texas in the Big 12 title game last year was one thing. But losing to Division I-AA Montana State 19-10 Saturday wasn’t what anybody anticipated when Hawkins brought his 92-23-1 record and positive vibes from Boise State to Boulder.

“We understand that most people here will jump on our loss, but we all find out about ourselves when we’re losing,” Hawkins said. “And in some respect, it might be a blessing. We’ve got to work a little bit harder and come together a little bit more.

“It’s only devastating if you let it be devastating.”

Instead of sweeping away the memories of last year’s four-game season-ending slide, including a 70-3 loss to Texas in the Big 12 title game, the Buffaloes left their fans fearful of a long, dreadful season after the Dan Hawkins Era began not with a bang but a bevy of goofs and gaffes.

“The only bright spot is to see how we handle it, and that’s yet to be determined,” Hawkins said after the Buffs bungled their first matchup ever with a Division I-AA team. “The bottom line is we got outcoached and we got outplayed. That’s a fact, however you try to slice and dice it.”


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