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Parcells Praises Mangini, Offers Advice

Bill Parcells offered a strong appraisal of his former assistant and new Jets head coach Eric Mangini:

Quite a few miles away from Weeb Ewbank Hall, Bill Parcells yesterday was praising his former assistant and current Jets’ head coach Eric Mangini while warning him, too.

“He was a young, intelligent guy that was introduced to me by Bill Belichick,” Parcells told Dallas writers. “I have a lot of respect for Bill’s opinion. Eric helped us with the safeties when he first started in coaching, was doing a lot of quality control for us. He’s a bright guy. He’s ambitious.

“His career has had a mercurial rise, and Bill gave him the opportunity to be a coordinator up there in New England,” Parcells added. “Of course they had great success and apparently he’s attractive to the Jets. They knew him. He had been there and I wish him well.

“I think he’s gonna be a hard-working kid, but like I told him when he got the job, this head coach (thing) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I told (Sean) Payton (now with the Saints) the same thing. There’s a lot of days when you’d kind of like to be back being an assistant.”

Probably so. But not for long, I’d wager. There’s no doubt that being the Big Guy has its share of additional headaches. But bad stuff has a tendency to roll down hill, too.

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