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Steelers, Jaguars in Defensive Slugfest

Watching the Monday Night game right now. I was going to write a preview, but instead, I’ll write a first half review followed by a second half preview.

First off, what the heck was Jacksonville thinking there? They just let the clock run down and went for the Hail Mary from the Steeler 46 or so. They had about 20 seconds left, and didn’t take the time out in order to get at least two tries. Bad clock management there.

Anyway, we’re scoreless in the second half. Jacksonville vs. Pittsburgh has become the typical defensive slugfest. Neither team is giving at all on the run. This does not surprise me at all – I have to agree with Tony Kornheiser when he says that this is a classic defensive slugfest, and that the only thing missing is a driving snow. Are there any snow machines near Jacksonville? We really need some snow to make this game complete.

My suspicion is that this game will either hinge around which defense breaks first, or which team makes a big mistake. At the moment, Jacksonville is handily winning the time of possession battle, and they get the ball back first. The Steeler defense is in danger of tiring before too much longer. However, Jacksonville threw the first interception.

Question: what the heck is up with Michael Irving’s suit? That must be left over from his father’s 70′s wardrobe.

Note: Nice run by Jacksonville. Go Steeler D!

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