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Vikings Kicker Throws TD Pass, Kicks Winning Field Goal

Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell threw a 16-yard TD pass to tie the game and then kicked the game-winning field goal in OT.

Ryan Longwell caught the pitch, rolled right, let the ball go and connected with Vikings tight end Richard Owens for the game-tying score. With Longwell’s three field goals and a clutch touchdown pass on a fake — plus a defense that forced nine punts — the Vikings showed again that they don’t need a flashy, high-flying offense to win.

Longwell’s 16-yard toss to Owens, his first career touchdown pass, tied the game in the fourth quarter. Then his 19-yard kick with 7:25 left in overtime Sunday gave the Vikings a 16-13 victory over the Carolina Panthers.

“Ten years in, I finally got one,” said Longwell, grinning broadly and gladly answering dozens of questions in the locker room. He also made field goals from 22 and 27 yards.

That special-teams trick by Minnesota (2-0) trumped the one used by Carolina (0-2), which had a 13-6 lead with 10 minutes left in regulation before coach John Fox called for a throwback pass by returner Chris Gamble that ended poorly for the struggling Panthers.

Bonus: He’s on my fantasy team, too!

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Dude . . . how does that even SCORE on a fantasy lineup? A FG kicker getting a TD has got to rake up some major points.

Posted by Brandon Minich | September 18, 2006 | 10:14 am | Permalink

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