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Bob Knight Signs Extension with Texas Tech Through 2012

Bob Knight has extended with Texas Tech past his 70th birthday.

Bob Knight may not just pass Dean Smith’s all-time win record; he may shatter the mark. He has agreed to a three-year extension to coach Texas Tech until 2012. The 65-year old Knight has won 869 games, 10 shy of tying former North Carolina coach Dean Smith on the all-time list.

“I just [agreed to] a three-year extension on my contract that gives me another five years to coach,” Knight told for an exclusive sitdown for ESPN360 next month. “When I was 37 I told [a reporter] I didn’t think I’d coach until I’m 40,” he said. “Well, I’m 65 and either I’m not smart enough to do something else or I like what I’m doing. I hope it’s the latter.”

Knight signed a three-year extension in 2004 that took him until 2009. Three more years were added to this deal according to Knight’s son Tim, who works in the Tech athletic department. Associate head coach Pat Knight has already been tabbed to succeed his father.

Knight is best known for being a royal pain in the ass. Still, despite his “issues,” he’s a great basketball coach and an even better teacher of young men. Indiana’s loss has very much been Tech’s gain.

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