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Cowboys Put 45-14 Whooping on Titans

Some friends of mine in Nashville invited my wife and I out to watch the Tennessee Titans host the Dallas Cowboys in some very sweet corporate seats. Despite getting a sunburn–who wears sunscreen in October?–we had a great time.

Although I’ve been following the Cowboys since the mid-1970s, devotedly since moving back to Texas during the 1979 season (Roger Staubach’s last), I’d never seen a game in person. Watching the ‘Boys romp was a lot of fun and seeing Vince Young’s first NFL start and seeing Warren Moon’s induction into the Oilers/Titans Hall of Fame were unexpected bonuses.

Some observations:

  • The Cowboys defense is finally starting to look dominating. Great defenses shut down weak teams and force a lot of mistakes; that’s what happened.
  • Vince Young looks like he’s going to be something special one day. That day won’t be in 2006, though.
  • There were nearly as many people wearing Cowboys gear as Titans gear in the stadium. More, by the beginning of the 4th quarter.
  • At least around where I was sitting, the Titans fans and Cowboys fans got along just fine. Nobody took offense at Cowboys fans cheering for their team and nobody seemed to be trying to rub the Titans fans’ noses in it, either.
  • While I’d never seen a Cowboys game live before yesterday, I’ve seen a couple of Redskins game at Fedex Field (including Joe Gibbs’ first game back, the 2004 season opener). The stadium experience in Nashville was a lot better. For one thing, it’s in the city, not the far suburbs, and getting in and out was pretty easier. Plus, while the concessions were just as overpriced, at least the beers were bigger.
  • Caveat to above: The Titans announcer is godawful. He’s trying to be a cross between John Facenda of NFL Films fame and the “Get Ready to Rumble” dude from pro wrestling; he’s merely annoying. Even aside from his contrived vocals, he did a lousy job of announcing the game, making it hard to figure out what was going on during game breaks.
  • The only ugly note to the game was Albert Haynesworth’s stomping of Andre Gurode’s face. That he wasn’t immediately ejected–he had to commit a second infraction of throwing his helmet seconds later when penalized for kicking Gurode to merit that, apparently–is bizarre. Haynesworth sounded legitimately contrite and embarrassed afterwards; still, he deserves a multi-game suspension.

Albert Haynesworth Stomps Andre Gurode PhotoTerrell Owens and Adam Pacman Jones Photo

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