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NFL Selling Out

Rick Gosselin reports an interesting stat:

The NFL has played 86 games to this point of the season. Every one of them has been a sellout. The NFL never has sold out all games in the first six weeks of a season. That streak could be in jeopardy next weekend when the Oakland Raiders host the Arizona Cardinals.

Between relative competitive balance and the fact that there are only 16 games per team in the regular season, the NFL has created a must-see event for each game. Contrast that with the NHL and NBA. Attending one of those games is like going to a circus. The event managers clearly believe the games themselves are not worth seeing, as they’re constantly blaring music, trotting out entertainers, and otherwise making it hard to actually get into the flow of the game. As a general rule, the NFL stadium experience is primarily focused on the fact that there’s a football game going on.

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